Kamis, 01 Juni 2017

When Will We Meet Again? (Long Distance Relationship Indonesia - Belanda)

The trees start to grow, the leaves and the flowers start to blossom again. The winter has passed and the warm wind has come. “It’s spring there!” I screamed as I lied my body on my bed, waking up to see that my fiancé and I have five hours of time difference now.
“I miss him” I rubbed my eyes softly. It’s been three months since we last met. There’s not a day I could forget his smile—which used to welcome me every morning.
I began my routine as usual. Going to school, meeting my classmates, and trying to get through the mind-numbing classes.
"I’m so bored! I don’t really have friends to talk to." As soon as I said that, my phone rang: his first message from that day saying: “Bonjour ma belle. Comment ça va?” And then I realised, I couldn’t ask for anything more. :)

Days went by, I started to wonder when will we meet again? I started crying in silence. I just miss him so much.
“How I wish our distance wasn’t this far, how I wish time wasn’t this cruel—I would be hugging him right now.”
“You just met him last winter! Don’t be such a crybaby! Face it, there are many couples who struggle more than you do just to meet. Be grateful, and live for what you have now” Someone said that to me once—“I know.” I replied to them. “But hell you don’t know what we’ve been through, and it’s always easier said than done.”

Until that day on video call—he said he got a gift for me. “But my birthday isn’t even coming yet!” I said, filled with curiosity. “Well, it is.” He said, as he blinked his beautiful grey eyes to me.
“I got you a ticket to come to Holland again this summer.”
“WHAT? I am dreaming, right? Tell me I’m dreaming!”
“Well, you are not, liefje.”
“No, konijntje, I actually got you two tickets to come here and back. And hopefully I can take you to Paris on your birthday.

I couldn’t say a word, I started crying happily. Summer isn’t so long from now and I cant wait to start counting the days. I’M GONNA MEET HIM, AGAIN. I’M GONNA MEET HIS FAMILY, AGAIN, TOO!

I marked my calendar and said:
“It’s less than two months till summer. I couldn’t be happier”

Semarang, June 1st 2017
With Love,